PC-Phone USB Sync

This is the main resources page of PC-Phone USB Sync — an app which provides portable and private backup and sync for content folders, on both Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs.

This app helps you manage the content you care about: the folders of arbitrary media and documents you store on your devices. You can use it to both backup your content on your phones and PCs, and sync it between them in any direction. In both modes, your content is updated only for changes you've made, which is much faster than full copies and gentler on your drives.

Of equal merit, this app uses your own USB drives to propagate content and changes, which avoids both the speed and privacy issues inherent in networks and clouds. With this app, your stuff remains your stuff, not someone else's point of control.

For Android, this app is available as both full and trial versions on the Google Play store. For PCs, this app's full version is available as free downloads on this website. Tap the quick links below to fetch the app's install packages, browse its docs, or view its screenshots:

Android Packages

PC Packages

User Guide


Release News

See also: app privacy policy; logistical info in the app's About tab; the open-source Mergeall system run by this app; and support and feedback email.