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This is the main resources page of PC-Phone USB Sync — an app which provides cloud-free backup and sync for content folders, on both Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs. Tap the buttons below for a quick intro.

This app makes content folders the same on your PCs, phones, and removable drives. Compared to other tools, it's:

The content this app manages is not just contacts, calendars, and a few photos. It's an entire folder of your choice, including its subfolders, and all the photos, documents, music, and other media that you value.

By using this app with a removable drive, you can both back up this content on your phone or PC to save it, and sync it between your devices to make it match: from PC to phone, from phone to PC, and any other way you find useful. Among its roles, this lets you:

In tech terms, this app's syncs are on-demand and one-way at a time, which keeps you in control and avoids lossy conflicts. They can also be run in any direction and update only for changes, which makes them flexible and much faster and gentler on your drives than full copies.

Perhaps best of all, this app uses removable drives and USB ports for its backups and syncs, to avoid both slow networks and the privacy perils of clouds. With this app, your stuff remains your stuff, not someone else's point of control!

To use this app, tap the links below to fetch it for your phones and PCs. For most roles, you'll also need a removable drive to store and transfer content. An SSD or thumb drive attached by USB is common, but microSD cards, cameras, and any other devices accessible as drives work too.

When using this app, you'll first collect your content files in a folder using a file explorer or other tool, and copy it to your devices with this app. Use subfolders to organize your content as desired: everything in your folder will be synced in full.

After the initial copies, you'll make changes on one device at a time, and push them to other devices with this app whenever you wish. Change propagations (a.k.a. syncs) use your USB ports and removable drive, and vary by usage mode:

In both modes, this app supports automatic rollbacks (i.e., undos) for all the changes its syncs make on each device. This helps ensure the safety of your content. You can even undo multiple syncs to reset your content to a prior state in the past.

To run the app, you'll simply select FROM and TO content folders on your devices; start a SYNC or other action by tapping its button in the Main tab; and monitor the action's progress or inspect its results in the Logs tab or summary popups.

Also in the app, you'll find configuration options, help resources, portability utilities, and tools for verifying the content copies you'll create on all your devices. It's a complete content-management solution.

For Android, this app is available as both full and trial versions on the Google Play store. For PCs, this app's full version is available as free downloads on this website. Tap the links below to fetch install packages, browse docs, or view demos or news.

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