Pricing Policies: PC-Phone USB Sync

This site's Android apps are paid, because that's the only way to break the advertising-centric shackles forged by today's tech companies. The fair-price-for-fair-app model used here can support development that boosts app quality; fund promotions required for visibility on the Play store; and provide a much more respectful and positive experience for users and developers alike.

Nevertheless, some people are unable to make purchases on Play for logistical reasons. Because we'd like to make this app available to anyone who can benefit from it, we offer both promo codes and app sales for potential users in this category, per below.

Promo Codes

If you're unable to purchase the app, we're happy to send a promo code that you can redeem for a free copy on Play. Request a code by sending an email with subject line PROMO CODE to our email contact, support@quixotely.com. You'll receive a reply with a code that you can copy/paste into Play's purchase forms (see the how-to). These are one-time codes that expire when redeemed.

App Sales

No sales are scheduled at this time. This app has been on sale for $0 (free) in the past to help grow its user base, but Play limits the frequency and duration of sales.