Welcome to quixotely.com

Thanks for stopping by. This page is a brief introduction to this site and its products.


This website (pronounced kē-hōt-lē) provides support and downloads for software products designed to be both useful and polite.

The apps you'll find here are enabled by open-source technologies, and run portably on both your Android phones and tablets, and your Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs. Open source promotes transparency, and portability removes limiting barriers between your devices.

Just as importantly, none of the products you'll find here will ever spy on you; collect your personal information; flash rude advertising in your face; demand extra payments for continued use; force you to sign up for subscriptions; corral your content into single-source prisons; or otherwise try to turn your personal life or property into covert revenue streams.

In short, this site stands for software without the exploitation that's become too much a norm. While that stance might be deemed tilting at windmills by some cynics, in truth it's just as easy for apps to respect your privacy as it is to violate it. This site's products are meant, in part, to help set a sorely needed ethical bar in this domain.


This site was opened in spring 2023, to support its first and flagship product: the PC-Phone USB Sync app, which provides content backup and sync tools that work the same on your phones and PCs, and is completely private by design. By using this app, your stuff remains your stuff, not someone else's point of control.

You'll find all this app's online resources—including its complete docs, screenshots, and free PC downloads—by tapping either its icon above or this. You can also read the privacy policies for this app as well as this host website here.

If you have time to browse, you can find additional free software from the makers of this app at the separate website here. That site hosts gallery builders, zipfile tools, calendar apps, and more, some of which may eventually find a new home here.


Your input on your experiences with this site's products is valued and encouraged. Please send feature requests, issue reports, and general comments and questions by email with the Contacts link in the top-of-page hamburger menu on every page here. This site's apps will be improved actively, and your feedback is crucial to this process.


Both this site and its first product's 1.0.0 version were launched in May 2023. Watch this space for updates and new apps. New: post-publication tech notes are starting to emerge here.